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Published January 2nd 2015

Categorised in: Design

Each year new web trends come along, some last the course and stay, whereas some only have a moment in the spotlight. I’ve now been engaged in the web world for 5 years, and have seen plenty of trends come and go. The list below is based on my opinion of what will become popular […]

Published December 17th 2014

Categorised in: Ecommerce

Security warnings in modern web browsers are weird. When you browse to your favourite online shopping checkout or your online bank account, you get a happy lock icon. That’s great. It reminds users they are on a secure webpage, that is properly configured, and should allow for end-to-end encryption of all data sent to and from […]

Published December 10th 2014

Categorised in: PHP

In this first article of the series, we will look at some very simple ways to refactor your code. So what is Refactoring? Refactoring is simply a set of techniques, procedures and steps to keep your source code as clean as possible. Below describes some of the easier code smells to detect and how you […]

Published November 28th 2014

Categorised in: Google Analytics

Within Google Analytics, Goals are designed for you to quantify how well your website is performing in terms of specific objectives. You can set up individual Goals to track an action on your website. These actions are defined as an activity that has a completion. Commonly known as conversions, examples of these activities include the […]

Published November 19th 2014

Categorised in: SEO

A couple of weeks ago Google added a new report within Webmaster Tools – the Mobile Usability report. This new report is automatically available within your Google Webmaster Tools account (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-usability). This new tool highlights usability issues for your site on mobile devices so that you can aim to improve the mobile experience for your […]

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