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Published November 19th 2014

Categorised in: SEO

A couple of weeks ago Google added a new report within Webmaster Tools – the Mobile Usability report. This new report is automatically available within your Google Webmaster Tools account (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-usability). This new tool highlights usability issues for your site on mobile devices so that you can aim to improve the mobile experience for your […]

Focus on your Fonts

By Matthew Fennell

Published October 30th 2014

Categorised in: Design

In the last 2 years one of the biggest changes in web design is how and what fonts are being used. Long-gone are the days where the only choices were Arial, Times New Roman or Comic Sans. With the arrival of the ‘@font-face’ HTML rule, and with big name players such as Google launching services […]

Published October 23rd 2014

Categorised in: Industry

Responsive design is a widely accepted strategy for those looking to maximise their website’s exposure to users across multiple browsers and devices. On the surface of things this sounds great but as a technical exercise this can be challenging, especially if the design and navigation of the website was not initially designed to be viewed […]

Published October 17th 2014

Categorised in: PHP

With all Turing complete programming languages, there are many different ways of performing the same task. Be it sorting, searching, looping through a list, outputting content to the screen or to a file – they can all be accomplished by a variety of differnet methods. PHP is no different, therefore it is worth looking at the […]

Published October 10th 2014

Categorised in: SEO

Rich snippets are a great way of enhancing your website’s search engine listings, making them more informative, helping them stand out more and ultimately increasing your click-through rate. So what are rich snippets? Essentially, they are the additional lines of information that you see with a Google search engine result that are designed to give […]

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