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Published September 12th 2014

Categorised in: Ecommerce

Setting up your business with an ecommerce system is a great way to get setup with an online shop, therefore expanding your potential market and sales dramatically. Choosing the right ecommerce system for your business can be tricky though – you need a system that offers all of the features that you need to make […]

Published September 10th 2014

Categorised in: Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and with online sales in 2014 expected to hit ¬£45 billion in the UK alone (16% growth from 2013), this highlights the importance of having a firm foothold in the web for any merchant. Whether you are a new merchant making your first foray into the […]

Published September 3rd 2014

Categorised in: Ecommerce

As a business you want a fast, secure and user friendly payment system for your e-commerce website. Stripe provides such a¬†solution. A good payment system will ensure your potential customers do not get confused or annoyed and proceed to finish their purchase without issue, converting leads directly into a sale. Stripe also does not require […]

Published August 21st 2014

Categorised in: PHP

This series will guide you through the process of using TDD (Test Driven Development) in your own projects and will consist of three articles. This first article will explain what TDD is, the positives and negatives of TDD, and finally TDD in conjunction with Laravel. The second article will take you through the process of […]

Published August 6th 2014

Categorised in: SEO

Following on from my previous post, which explained how to set up a personal Google+ profile and your Google Authorship, I now move on to how to set up Google Plus Business Pages. To get started with creating a Google+ company page, you need to log in to Google with the account which will own […]

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