Open Source

Our efforts to provide free and open source web-based software

Background on the open web

Much of the modern web industry is built on open source software and open standards. This ranges all the way from the core HTML and CSS standards to the web browsers and rendering engines millions of people use every day.

We believe the success of the web industry so far has been heavily due to its reliance on open standards and software. Therefore, as a company, we try to contribute useful open source software, libraries and tools. Often these are used by us internally for projects and our day to day work.

Open Source Minisite

We have a website hosted using GitHub Pages dedicated to displaying our Open Source Software efforts. It is used to present our projects to other developers to help find our open source solutions that we provide.

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Featured Open Source Projects

Rapid Web File Caching Library

Rapid Web File Cache is a Caching Library library written in PHP. Its syntax is designed to closely resemble the PHP memcache extension but stores the cache in a file rather than in the server memory.
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PHP Google Contacts API

PHP library for the Google Contacts API (v3), this was originally created as Google does not offer a native PHP library for Google Contacts. Read our blog post for more information on installation & usage.
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Direct Social Buttons

A pure HTML & CSS implementation on allowing your end users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) from your site without any need of loading in heavy JavaScript-based widgets.
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Basic JS Cookie Banner

A basic JavaScript cookie banner (implied consent) that sits on the top or bottom of a webpage with a link to a cookie policy page. A lightweight implementation to ensure that your website is complying with the EU Cookie law.
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